About the Play


Darlene Traviotto’s “Pizza Man” is a serio-comedy that intends to turn the tables on sexism. Written in the 80’s, Pizza Man is a story of two 20-something women, Julie and Alice, who decide to vent their patriarchy-induced frustrations in a drastic way. Distressed with the state of their lives and their place in the world they decide one night to overcome their position by doing something aggressive; "something a man would do." Intending to turn the tables on years of misogyny and sexism, they pick a guy, any guy, to take advantage of. "Men have been doing it for years, why can't a woman try it?" Once Julie and Alice convince an unsuspecting pizza delivery man to come in and share a beer with them, the evening gets wild, angry, crazy, funny, and cathartic.

Starring Jazz Raycole, Teri Andrez, and Christian Gehring, and directed by Natalie Sutherland, this captivating, dynamic, and visceral production challenges the way we perceive male-female relationships, sex, and emotions. PIZZA MAN features a 90% female production team and pleads to be seen through a different perspective, the perspective of a woman. This play of rights, reckoning, and recklessness runs for two weeks only at the Complex Hollywood Theatre, right in the heart of Hollywood.


This play contains blunt discussion of sexual assault and rape, as well as the physical abuse associated with such topics. Not recommended for children or easily offended adults.

About the Director

 Natalie Sutherland was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is the daughter of British actress & director Althea Dando and Mr John Sutherland. Starting in the theatre, Natalie's mother was directing a show, when one of the young girls couldn't perform at the last minute. Ms. Dando asked her daughter to step in for that night's performance. Natalie, already quite the little business woman, agreed to do the performance, only if her mother would agree to buy her the roller-skates she wanted. The agreement was in place and Natalie stepped on to perform. She was won over by the lights, stage, audience and the magic that happened that evening on that stage. Natalie continued performing in theatre for the next ten years, taking her into commercials and then film. A dancer of 15 years, Natalie reveled in Musicals, such as 'Gypsy', 'Grease', and 'Oliver' to name a few. Making the leap to Hollywood was the best thing Natalie ever did. Landing a role in 'Oliver' for Paramount Studios theatre department had her performing for Prince Edward and starring alongside 'Ugly Betty's' America Ferrera. Natalie then landed a role in the award winning 'Trainspotting', which was nominated for 2 LA Drama Critics Awards and extending from a 6 week run to a 6 month run. She then went on to TV, commercials and film in Los Angeles, starring as the lead in Shadow Entertainment/Full Moon Productions worldwide blockbuster movie 'Birth Rite' and the festival comedic hit "fxxxen' Americans" opposite her friend and co-star Grant Show.

2015-2016 proved to be a busy year for Natalie. She starred as a fierce and feisty Hollywood Agent in the Comedic Series "Fame Dogs", which premiered at The Grove Theatre in L.A. as an Official Selection of the IFA Film Festival, and then went on to WIN BEST COMEDY! "Fame Dogs" was then nominated for 7 Indie Series Awards and Natalie received her first nomination, for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Natalie also created, wrote, produced and starred in the television pilot, "Confessions Of A Hollywood Bartender", alongside the brilliant Trevor Donovan, Lindsey McKeon, Ryan Merriman, Greer Grammer, Chris Caldovino and Carlos Moreno Jr. 

2016 continued with a great role in Matthew Roth's feature film "Five Piece" due for release later this year. She then worked with her good friend Justin Chon, playing a supporting role in his movie "Gook", which premiered at SUNDANCE and WON the AUDIENCE AWARD there. "Gook" was bought with Samuel Goldwyn Films, and released in theaters in the fall of 2017. 

Natalie studied both directing & acting under the guide of the brilliant Milton Katselas and continued on her directing study with mentor Howie Deutch. She worked with Milton for 9 years and took what she learned onto the stage at The Odyssey Theatre here in LA, in Donald Margulies’ Pulitzer prize winning play “Collected Stories” which she produced and starred in. Natalie then took the play overseas for a 4 week run in the UK.

Natalie resides in Los Angeles, but works between the US and Great Britain.

From the Producers

Let’s start by saying RAPE IS NEVER OK. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This play is not about the subject of rape but rather an exploration of the fragility which men can experience when the tables are turned only momentarily. It is meant to express the anger and outrage of mistreatment and years of misogynistic behavior and pleads to be seen through a different perspective, the perspective of a woman. Being seen as prey and not the predator. Its about creating a dialogue, a conversation. 

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